Buckethead – Monsters and Robots – 1999

Disco muito bom de rock experimental, funk metal, rap e outras pirações.

O bizarro e talentoso guitarrista virtuose acompanhado da cozinha do Primus (Les Claypool e Bryan Mantia) e mais Bootsy Collins, Dj Disk e outros músicos.




Monsters and Robots is Buckethead‘s fifth studio album, released April 20, 1999, by Higher Octave records. A large part of the album was co-written with Les Claypool, who also plays bass on several tracks and lends his vocals to the track «The Ballad of Buckethead».

Buckethead promoted the album by opening for Primus in October and November 1999.[2] Monsters and Robots is listed in the German National Library‘s catalog and is Buckethead’s best selling solo album to date.


 Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. “Jump Man” Buckethead, Pete Scaturro 4:21
2. “Stick Pit” Buckethead, Les ClaypoolBryan Mantia 3:40
3. “The Ballad of Buckethead” Buckethead, Claypool, Mantia 3:59
4. “Sow Thistle” Buckethead, Steve Freeman, Bootsy Collins 4:30
5. “Revenge of the Double-Man” Buckethead, Claypool, Mantia, DJ Disk 3:34
6. “Night of the Slunk” Buckethead 5:43
7. “Who Me?” Buckethead 2:08
8. “Jowls” Buckethead, Scaturro, Mantia 4:26
9. “The Shape vs Buckethead” Buckethead, Freeman, Collins 5:40
10. “Stun Operator” Buckethead, Claypool, Mantia 4:17
11. “Scapula” Buckethead, Scaturro, Mantia 4:04
12. “Nun Chuka Kata” Buckethead, Claypool, Mantia, DJ Disk 4:30
13. “Remote Viewer #13” (Japanese edition bonus track) Buckethead, Claypool, Mantia, DJ Disk 4:18
Total length: 55:12


  • The songs “Jowls” and “Scapula” are both re-recorded versions of songs of the same names on Giant Robot (NTT).
  • The song “Night of the Slunk” has a similar riff as “Jump Man”, but longer with less distortion.
  • Version of the song “Revenge of the Double-Man”, named “Silent Scream” also appeared on the album The 13th Scroll released in 1999 by Buckethead’s side project Cobra Strike.
  • Content of the track “Revenge of the Double-Man” is a reference to an arcade game Sinistar.
  • “Scapula” uses several samples taken from the movie The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.



  • Tracks 1, 8, 11 recorded at Horn of Zeus.
    • Produced & mixed by Pete Scaturro & Rob Beaton.
    • [Jowls originally recorded by Howard Johnson @ Different Fur Recording]
    • Recording assistance on 8 by Mark Weber, on 11 by Mark Weber & Eric Ware.
  • Tracks 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 13 recorded at Rancho Relaxo studios.
  • Tracks 4 & 9 recorded at the Embalming Plant.
    • Produced by Extrakd.
  • Track 6 recorded at Orange Music.
  • Additional production on tracks 1, 4 & 9 by Bootsy Collins at Bootzilla Re-hab P-form School.
  • Mastered by Don E. Tyler at Precision Mastering.
  • A&R direction: Warren Schummer.
  • Design, illustration & photography: Dave McKean @ Hourglass.
  • Cover illustration for Buckethead No. 2: Bryan Frankenseuss Theiss.
  • Photographs on pgs. 3, 6, 7 & back inlay: Warren Schummer.
  • 3-d programming: Max MacMuffin.
  • Production manager: Gina Grimes.
  • Product marketing manager: Kenny Nemes.


Bootsy Collins, Buckethead, Eddie Griffin  e Snoop Dog


primus bucket.jpg








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