Lamber Vision – 2014

Lamber Vision - Lamber Vision - cover

Outer Sun 05:23
Theme One 05:06
Bosphorus 03:17
Chaps 04:42


Lamber Vision é formado por Samuel Fraga (bateria), Dustan Gallas (guitarra), Fernando Catatau (guitarra) e Zé Nigro (baixo).

On January 20, psych-rock quartet Lamber Vision released their first self-named full-lenght: a collection of nine instrumental tracks, exploring a wide range of vibes and atmospheres.
Hailing from São Paulo, they combine a huge love for the 70s psychedelic sonorities with a remarkable fascination for some typical oriental sounds. Probably because of the long stay in Berlin, they make a strong use of Turkish melodies in their compositions, blending spacerock soundscapes with mantra-likely guitar lines.
The pleasant stream of cosmic sounds, hazy tones and hypnotic drum patterns constantly flows for almost 40 minutes, giving the listener tons of good reasons to enjoy these vibes.
Naturally you’ll find out both the influence krautrock played on the band and also melodicas quotes from the North of Brazil’.
Discover more about this project and the musical background of this atmosphere, take your time to listen to Lamber Vision.


released January 20, 2014

: ficha técnica :
samuel fraga – bateria
pedro strelkow – baixo
fernando catatau – guitarra
dustan gallas – guitarra, synth e clavinet

gravado ao vivo por zé nigro no estúdio navegantes – sp
mixado por samuel fraga e zé nigro no estúdio navegantes – sp
em *bosphorus – dustan gallas toca clavinet, gravado por bruno buarque no estúdio minduca – sp
masterizado por fernando sanches no estúdio rocha – sp
foto e design – pedro strelkow

Disco instrumental sensacional unindo psicodelia com influências de rock turco que o baterista Samuel Fraga (líder e fundador do grupo) teve contato quando morou na Alemanha por um tempo.

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